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Use of the Town Hall Policies and Rules

Policy and Rules Regarding Use of the Bloomingdale Town Hall by Organizations and Groups

Organizations and Groups as defined by the Town of St. Armand would include: Civic Groups, Not-for-profit Organizations, Scouts, Senior Citizens, Fire Department, 4-H Club, Art Organizations, Historical Organizations, Hospital Groups, Union Groups, Little League, etc.

A request for use of the Town Hall should be submitted to the Town Clerk on the Town Hall Use Application Form. Requests should be received at least two-weeks (2) in advance.

Parking is allowed only in designated parking areas.

All children must be supervised by a responsible adult.

The Town of St. Armand requests that all participating members of the organization practice good conduct and abide by the following rules:

  • Clean up after use - wipe tables with damp cloth, sweep or vacuum floors, wash, dry and put away all dishes used
  • Leave tables set up where they were when you started your meeting
  • Stack chairs after use
  • Place all trash in large can in kitchen
  • Do not use any Town Supplies for meeting
  • Office space is for employees only
  • Please notify the Town Clerk if anything gets broken or damaged during your meeting
  • Please shut and lock windows and doors after use
  • No jumping, running or standing on tables or chairs
  • No horseplay of any kind - safety always first!
  • Notify the Town Clerk immediately if someone is injured
  • Turn the heat down to 62 degrees before you leave
  • Shut off all lights
  • The telephone is to be used for local calls only
  • Lock the front and back doors when leaving the building

This policy should be read by all members of your organization or group. Click here to download a PDF of this page to sign and hand in.

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PO Box 338, Main Street, Bloomingdale, NY 12913 · 518-891-3189 · Fax: 518-891-6092
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