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Town of St. Armand History

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List of Town Supervisors: Past to Present
1844-1845: Elias Goodspeed
1846-1849: David Skill
1850: Milote Baker
1851-1852: Samuel Smith
1853-1854: William Galusha
1855-1861: James H. Pierce
1862-1863: Ensign Miller
1864-1872: Joseph A. Titus
1873-1874: N. A. Arnold
1875-1876: Sewell F. Bunker
1877: Eugene R. Woodruff
1878-1879: Robert Smith
1880-1882: James H. Pierce
1883: R. S. Smith
1884: James H. Pierce
1885: Charles C. Town
1886-1887: Sewell F. Bunker
1888-1889: Richard H. McIntyre
1890: Harry H. Barnard
1891: W. J. Gilleshie
1892-1898: James H. Pierce
1899-1903: Sidney W. Barnard
1904-1906: Ezra S. McClellan
1907-1936: Sidney W. Barnard
1937-1962: Lee Gillespie
1963-1981: Thomas C. Norman, Sr
1982-2012: Joyce W. Morency
2012-present: Charles Whitson, Jr.

Town of St Armand
PO Box 338, Main Street, Bloomingdale, NY 12913 · 518-891-3189 · Fax: 518-891-6092
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