Essex County, New York
PO Box 338, Main Street · Bloomingdale, NY 12913 · 518-891-3189 · Fax: 518-891-6092
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Welcome to the Town of St Armand

In the State of New York is a place called Bloomingdale, a hamlet located on the Saranac River in the Town of St. Armand, in Essex County. Bloomingdale, a village until 1985, once had a thriving lumbering business until its decline in the 20th century. The Saranac River provided means of transport for the lumber, but was also a source of power. As the lumbering industry declined, the farming business grew.

St. Armand is known for its patriotism as well and according to county population records, the town sent the largest percentage of men to the Civil War.

Today, St. Armand continues to maintain an active community with its school, stores, shops and restaurants, many of which have been serving the community for years. The Town Hall, built in 1904, is the center of government and community activities.

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